About Us

Our roots are in European heritage and we value the meaning of hard work, combined with honesty and integrity.The Radtke brothers’ journey began at a very young age. They headed out to work on evenings and weekends with their father; primarily working on high-end home and insurance restoration work.

After many years of working under the guidance of skilled tradesman and European craftsmen in the Toronto area, our family ventured North in 1999. We chose the Muskoka area to set down roots and grow Radtke Restorations.

Choosing uncompromising quality, high standards, pride in workmanship for more than 40 years has earned us a niche working alongside clientele who also parallel these values.


I can’t say enough about the integrity and workmanship of Radtke Restorations. Their commitment to our renovation project, which ended up being far more extensive than we had anticipated, was extraordinary. Not only was their craftsmanship excellent, their work ethic and organization made our project possible.”

– Gerry & Anne Forestell

Our skilled team of craftsmen specialize in residential remodeling projects including
  • custom showers
  • steam rooms
  • bathroom remodels
  • kitchen remodels
  • flooring
  • additions
  • …and full-home remodels