Custom Showers

Our tempered glass shower enclosures are carefully designed and installed without excessive brackets and hardware.DESIGNStarting with a properly sloped floor base or pre-cast tray, perfect slopes are achieved for water flow and comfort. Our wall substrates are thoroughly water proofed to prevent vapour penetration into the wood frame cavity.

SURFACESBenches and lounges are finished with granite, marble or quartz to offer a comfortable, grout-joint free seat where no sharp tile joints or edges will be found – often times heating these benches and loungers provides therapeutic value and comfort (our body temperature is always warmer than a piece of stone in a shower). Grout technology has evolved greatly in the last 10 years. We believe in and are proud to use two of the industry’s best epoxy grout systems. No sealer required! Urethane grout is a close second to the epoxy line and definitely has its place in the market versus standard sanded grouts. Inconsistent grout joint colour, grout staining and grout sealers are totally eliminated with the urethane and epoxy systems.

Tiles are set with premium modified thinsets. Door sills are always cladded with granite, marble or quartz surfaces to provide clean lines, and a plumb and level surface for the glass shower enclosure to be properly installed against.

HARDWAREHigh quality stainless steel drains are standard in our showers; with the option to move up to a more sophisticated hidden or linear drain.

Tempered glass shower enclosures are carefully designed and laid out to promote efficient entry and exit of every shower unit, as well as optimizing the visual aspect without excessive brackets and hardware; various finishes available for glass and hardware.

The number one industry misconception is that tile and grout are waterproof. We design and build custom showers that are not only beautiful, but also 100% impervious to water.
– Nick Radtke

Most traditionally built cement board and vinyl pan showers are not only installed incorrectly but are leaking. We have seen excessive water damage and mould growth in virtually every tearout we have ever completed where these materials are used.